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We are Guma' Imahe, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Tacoma, WA. Since 2012, it has been our goal to educate the general public about the Chamorro people, the traditional customs, and inafa'maolek. Besides having regularly scheduled classes, we strive to help perpetuate the rich culture of the Chamorro people through stage productions held for the general public throughout the year, including educational workshops, performances and other cultural events. We hope that you will take a look around and learn more about us.

About Guma' Imahe

Guma' Imahe was created out of love for dance and a genuine desire to share this special love and related experiences with others. It is the philosophy of Guma' Imahe and it has been proven that involvement in the performing arts - Dancing, Singing, Music can be very beneficial to the dancer in preparation for the world of tomorrow.


Our Instructor


Joel Larimer

Founder and Instructor

Saina Joel has been teaching Bailan Chamorro and other aspects of Chamorro culture since 1996 and has been a student of the Chamorro culture all of his life. Saina Joel is the founder and  instructor for Guma' Imahe and he spends his life teaching and sharing his culture through Bailan Chamorro.

Guma' Imahe is not just dancing and chanting, it is a deeper spiritual aspect which must be learned and felt by each simiya (seed refering to the student). We dance and chant to remember the history of the Chamorro people and to join the Chamorro way of celebrating life

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